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Fleet Management

Fleet management is the best way to manage your commercial vehicle through monitoring driver behavior, overseeing the fuel consumption, making proper route planning, and efficiently utilizing the asset. How Qbic is capable of making fleet management successful?

First, Qbic vehicle box pc and vehicle panel pc can pass EMark certification for the unique vehicle installation environment.

Second, wide-range power input and ignition delay on/off function can secure the vehicle apart from the unstable power voltage and various power sources.

Third, excellent GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) design helps position Qbic Telematics and Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) precisely, the fundamental factor for fleet management.

Fourth, flexible wireless connection, like wifi 2.4G/5G and LTE (long term evaluation) 4G and 5G, can guarantee the non-stop transmission of data, image, and video to the control center to manage the fleet.

With fully extensive know-how to fulfill the demand of fleet management, Qbic can offer different hardware platforms, such as Intel x86 and ARM platform, and software solutions, such as ignition delay on/off and system self-diagnosis.

No doubt that Qbic is the best partner for DMS or ODM projects in the fleet management application.

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