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Facility management is the idea of building an intelligent workplace, building with innovative, smart technologies. Facility management technology included IoT, AIoT, and AI Edge computing make the environment more comfortable, humanized, and interactive.

Management facilities such as elevator monitoring or security management, Qbic reliable ARM box PC provide a reliable and effective solution fit in the applications. With connectivity and edge AI computing capabilities, Qbic customized the facility management tools just for your needs.

Qbic Technology has the whole experience in facility management. Our products have already widely used in the market. We are experts in Meeting room signage, Scheduling, Desk booking, Occupancy sensors, and gateway computer application. In addition, our products have also won the iF Design Award for three consecutive years. So if you are looking for the total solution in facility management, please get in touch with us. We will help you to cut the process from design to the market.

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