Robot controlk

Robot control

The critical technology of factory automation and intelligence is Robot Control

Making Robot Control more intelligent depends on coordinating links such as synchronous motion control technology, I/O platform integration, etc.

According to statistics, in 2018, the global robot market is about US$12.8 billion, and in 2023, the market will be more than US$15 billion. From an industrial point of view, as long as it is highly repeatable, monotonous, and requires a more precise process, it is necessary to introduce robot control. Robot control can apply in Handling, Welding, Assembling, Coating, Processing, Cutting, Loading and Unloading, and other operations. As the global market and consumption patterns change, small amounts of diversification replace mass production and manufacturing. Therefore, robots must increase their flexibility and complementary capabilities for assembly/processing operations with significant variations on the production line to play a better role. It is also the current focus of the development of intelligent robot control.

If you want multiple robots to process on the production line stably and safely, you must let multiple robots collaborate simultaneously. The complexity of computer calculations will increase a lot. Robotic arm with vision is a prevalent application method. Robot vision is mainly used for Object recognition and Defect detection. To make robots smarter and more flexible and meet the needs of a small amount and variety of automation. With the assistance of sensing equipment and software, it can expand the scope of use according to application needs, improve control performance, make robots more multi-tasking, and have greater flexibility in use.

Qbic is the leading expert in embedded systems. We can design and manufacture dedicated Intelligent Robot control systems for highly customized applications. For example, our QAI200/300 is wildly applied in factory automation reduces the need for additional manual inspections by providing fast, in-depth analysis to check for defects or failures.

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