Vending Machine

Vending Machine

The annual sales of these vending machines exceed 60 billion U.S. dollars in Japan

As we all know, Japan is a big country of vending machines and the market with the highest density of vending machines globally. According to the Japan Vending Machine System Industry Association statistics, the number of vending machines in Japan exceeds 3 million, and there is about one vending machine for every 40 people. The annual sales of these vending machines exceed 60 billion U.S. dollars.

In 1888, Japan's first vending machine was born (The earliest existing vending machine in Japan was a stamp and letter vending machine in 1904). In 1962, when a major American beverage manufacturer arranged vending machines in Japan, the curtain of Japanese food and beverage vending machines was officially opened. First, Japan is a country with a low birth rate and an aging population. Such a social structure leads to a shortage of human resources and high employment costs. Secondly, Japan has a small land area, high population density, and scarce land, so shop rents are expensive. Under such circumstances, vending machines that minimize costs will naturally become Japan's main retail channel.

Intelligent Vending Machines

With the advent of the Internet age, future intelligent vending machines will be connected with IoT interconnection technology to update inventory and sales data simultaneously, significantly reducing labor management costs. In addition, 5G applications can connect with consumers and audio-visual entertainment, which makes Vending Machine more interactive. It can also make the TA outline clearer through face recognition or the introduction of the membership system so that merchants can obtain more accurate consumer information.

Qbic is the leading expert in embedded systems. We can design and manufacture dedicated Intelligent vending machines for highly customized, such as Multiple Paying solutions, Voice/Image recognition, Interactive Screen, Big Data, etc. Furthermore, Qbic's team can complete complex tasks in a short timeframe because of our development experience. Last but most important, Qbic always thinks and acts on how to bring the most beneficial to the customers with a reasonable solution.

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