Smart Dash Carting Scale

Smart Dash Carting &  Scale 

The concept of Smart Dash Cart allows consumers only need to put the products in the smart dash cart. The system can automatically identify the purchase products. The appearance of Smart Dash Cart is similar to standard shopping carts in general stores. But the smart cart is loaded with many sensing elements and lens equipment to recognize the exact product details and the total price of the goods in the cart. The Smart Cart can also be installed with Smart Scale to measure weight charge products, e.g., Fruit and Vegetable.

It integrates IoT devices and Artificial Intelligent computing technology to provide more convenient, contactless consumers' experiences. The stores efficiently utilize and optimize their operational procedures, including Smart displays, Smart scale, and Dash carting connected through 5G, or Wi-Fi, and links to the inventory management system, efficient operational systems, and others.  During the digitalized generation, these technologies give the traditional retailers a leg up in an age of increasing online shopping websites and help the backend of the stores provide just-in-time stock and ordering services.

Qbic, as an ARM expert, we provide a total solution that integrates HW/SW/ Cloud services. We also can offer an X86 platform integrated solution depending on the customer demand. The product category includes BOX PC, Opened-Frame Panel PC, HMI, SBC (Single Board Computer), and SOM (System on module).  If you are looking for a Smart Dash Cart or Smart Scale solution, please get in touch with us. Our team will help you from design to manufacture. 

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