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About Qbic ODM/DMS service

When it comes to finding the best System on Module (SoM) and Industrial Computers (IPC) Design and Manufacturing Services (DMS). Qbic is undoubtfully the best partnering choice. With our years of expertise and experience in designing SoM’s, IPC and HMI’s from ground up, our endless pool of knowledge serves you with meeting your most stringent technical and financial requirements at minimal time and cost, and maximizing on your profits.

Why Qbic?

Superb Quality

Our products are either commercial or industrial grade standards with uncompromised quality that are delivered and trusted by fortune 500.

Design, Engineering and Aesthetics

Qbic offers more than just engineering perfection, but award winning industrial design (ID) is additionally a benefit for turnkey projects.

Operating Systems

Qbic offers a diverse OS support for Android, Linux and Windows platform.

Platform Flexibility

Experienced across multiple platforms ranging from NXP, Rockchip, nvidia, Intel, AMD, Linux to TI, and a whole lot more.

Extensive Support

Our dedicated point of contact are backed with robust team of in-house development engineers.

Production Capacity

Our ISO certified manufacturing plant are equipped to meet all global certifications.

A Tier 1 Chipset Partner

Fluid resource and support across major chipset suppliers, ensuring quick response time and quality of service.

Industrial Leading Arm Design and Development Expertise

Profound range of Arm based design and development experience for Arm technologies.

Products We Design

Platforms We Design


Electronic Design

Our design comes with a full understanding of our customers requirements, electronic layouts and schematics are designed with the most effective, efficient and reliable blueprint.

Mechanical Design

In tandem to our streamlined in-house design team, our mechanical design makes sure that your tailor designed products fits all facets of a perfect product, from form, feature, to function.

Industrial Design

Our award winning ID design team ensures that your tailor designed products not only exceed functional expectations, but embrace the essence of aesthetics.

Software Design

Our Software design includes customized firmware middleware and API tools to assist our customers with the fastest product development and integration of their solution to our designed products.

ODM Process

Quality Assurance

Our Facilities & Factories

State-of-the-art design and production facilities based in Taiwan

Our design & manufacturing facilities are located in Taiwan with a 4500 square meter production space.

Consolidating a reliable partner in the development of ARM/X86 based modules or devices are of utmost importance.

We are specifically advanced in the development of a wide range of industrial and commercialized Arm/x86 - Linux/Windows/Android platforms and our years of accumulated experience combined with our deep expertise have established a profound stack of knowledge that provides us with an upper hand in the market.

We have invested heavily in talent, software and hardware R&D to develop impenetrable systems right from the blueprint in order to safeguard our clients’ operating assets. Time and time again, we have proven that we are at the forefront of our field of expertise from design to form and function, resulting in several prestigious awards and the praise of our clients.

Unlike most common design and manufacturing services, our impeccable support saves our customer valuable time-to-market by including software design services that takes the guess-work out of hardware compatibility and makes the integration from APP to hardware fluid and seamless.

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