Bespoke Kiosk

All-in-one screen with custom chassis service

For Android, Windows or Linux

An extensive range of panel-pc’s that is designed for simple and effortless integration into a wide assortment of applications.

Bespoke Service With Modular Parts

Our modular Panel-PC’s are the foundation to building any self-service terminals. Our design provides you the flexibility to implement any peripherals that fits your needs, from thermal printers, payment systems, screen size to desired stands or mounts.

Point of Sales Solutions

Deciding on the right POS system that works for you is one of the key factors that help you grow your business, making sure your workflow is seamless across your store, and that’s why with Qbic, you don’t need to compromise, build a system from ground up that fits your business.

Self-Service Solutions

Increase your store business with innovative self-service kiosks that enhances customers shopping experience, reduce waiting time, and provide more in-store information that generates purchasing activities.

Quick-Service Restaurant Solutions

Shorten the waiting line means happier customers, giving your customers the freedom to select, view, and interact with innovative serl-service kiosks will maximize on sales and customer satisfaction.

Table Service Solutions

Restaurants are streamlining their ordering process from table to kitchen, this reduces the employees on taking orders and letting them spend more time on keeping the customers happy. Qbic’s wide selection of touch screens makes it easy for you to choose the best solution that fits your restaurant needs.