Electric Medical Record PC (Computer)

Electric Medical Record PC


Qbic Technology is a professional computer company providing reliable and customer-centric design services in healthcare computer solutions. Qbic cooperates closely with our customers to design comprehensive medical products EN-60601 certified and produced in ISO 13485 certified factory.

The medical environment is crucial, so the medical PCs must have a 4KV Isolation design to protecting patients, medical staff, and medical equipment from harmful surges in the electrical signal. Besides, Antibiotic coating on the front of the medical touch panel PC is essential to clean and wipe downs easily, and implementing IP65 waterproof on front bezels ensures the internal parts won’t be damaged by liquid hitting.

Qbic Technology offers Medical PC and Fanless Slim Panel PC, Medical Display (DICOM option), Bedside Infotainment Terminal, Mobile Tablet, and Box PC on Mobile Computing Cart in the hospital, telehealth, and clinic market.

Doctors and hospital staff need to access electronic medical records fast and reliably. Moreover, due to the COVID-19 pandemic since 2020, Regular cleanings of all common areas have become more frequent. Hence, medical computers should have these features to promote an efficient and safe workspace.

1. Solid-state drives with faster data access and software-loading

2. 24/7 operating because of unexpectable emergency

3. Antimicrobial enclosure

4. Antibacterial display surface

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