Bedside Infotainment Panel PC

Bedside Infotainment

Panel PC

Bedside Infotainment Panel PC is not only for patient comfort but also for the communication between the patient and caregivers. It offers Information Access, Doctor’s Consultations, entertainment (TV or video games), request nurse assistance via VoIP phone, manage the room environment, meal ordering, communication with the outside family with the webcam, and Mic-in input.  It supports VESA mounting makes it ideal for installation as bedside terminals.

The bedside Panel PC is a thinner, lighter, cutting-edge design with an antibacterial enclosure and touch screen. The touch screen needs to be cleaned easily, and the system is EN-60601 compatible. To have the physical buttons is great for adjusting the setting of the bedside Infotainment Panel PC and ringing the emergency call to a nurse station.

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