About Qbic Technology

About Qbic

About Us

Qbic specializes in the design and manufacturing of Arm related technologies, this includes Qbic’s line of award wining standardized products, offering Smart Panel-PC, IPC, Facility Management devices, Central Control, Home Automation, SoM, Embedded Systems, IPC, Digital Signage, Box-PC, Medical & Health care terminals, AIoT and AI sectors.
Qbic also offers Design Manufacturing Services (DMS) for a wide spectrum of solutions & applications.
Qbic’s elite team of engineers allow us to provide leading technology with innovative and original design, and with our certifications that meets the most stringent of standards, Qbic delivers excellent quality for our DMS customers.
Qbic is publicly listed in the Taipei Exchange (6825.TW)

ISO Transportation & Medical Certified

  • ISO 9001:2008

  • ISO 14001:2004

  • ISO 13485:2012

  • IATF 16949:2016


Qbic is certified to cater to the most demanding industries including software to hardware implementation, facility management integration, home automation, and automotive and medical grade systems. We provide top-tier quality assurance to ensure the results can always match the client’s desired outcome.

Strength and Competitiveness


Complete shop floor system

Manufacturing Capability

From SMT to system assembling

Complete Manufacturing Management Team

QC, PE, IE, ME...


Manufacturing Production Capability

SMT: 4 lines Panasonic ; 4.5 Million Points / Day
DIP: 2 lines RoHS
Assembly: 34 meters length
ISO Class 9 Clean Room

Production Facilities

  1. EKRA-SERIO-4000
  2. SPI-TR7007SII
  3. Panasonic-CM602
  4. Panasonic-NPM-W2
  5. Tamura N2 Reflow-TNP40-578EM
  6. AOI TR7700 SIII DT
  1. TEST Profile-KIC2000
  2. IR X-410 Infrared BGA Solder Machine
  3. N2 Generating Machine
  4. Xray Fluorescence
  5. Automatic Cutting Machine-EM-5700N
  6. LitePoint IQFLEX
  7. JT 620L

Test & Instruments

  1. ICT JET300
  2. Ultrasonic Welding SUW-1520
  3. Malcom PCU-200
  4. Torsion Meter KILEWS-KTM-10
  5. LCR Meter
  6. Tektronix TDS2024C
  1. LCR Meter
  2. AC Power Source
  3. MS2602A Spectrum Analyzer
  4. Function Generator
  5. AM/FM Signal Generator
  6. Radio Communication Tester
  7. AC/DC Withstand Voltage Tester