Making a difference
The "Qbic Qare" is a common mindset within the Qbic community. We strive for perfection in what we do which ensures that our customers receive the best of the best, whether if it's a product, service or support. It is a concept that rules cannot define. Essentially, it is a value best described for "whatever we do, it's done in the way that we can be proud of at the end of the day".
Ideally, we would like to make some profit, if necessary, lose some profit, but essentially, we insist in producing the best quality products.
Best in Quality:
All Qbic products are manufactured under ISO 9001 standards; all systems are designed for reliable, long operations, using only industrial/commercial grade quality components. We apply strict quality control, performing 100% functional testing for each product prior shipment.
Best in Reliability:
Qbic cares about the details of product development to ensure 24/7 product operation. Our design team strictly selects the components for each system to ensure top quality and availability.
Best in Support:
Our products are backed with FAE and after service teams to ensure near zero H/W or S/W issues, and in addition, our super responsive action time for customized modification can be carried out by our R&D team to effectively support customer requests.
Active Customer Centric:
Every customers' request are tracked from the beginning to the end. Each case will only be closed after receiving final confirmation and that they are satisfied with our service.
Knowledge platforms:
With rich reference and materials, e.g.: FAQ, SOP & Application notes, partners can easily reference and search for information from our knowledge base. 
Q-Tech Support Center (QSC):
With our simple and intuitive web-based service platform, requests can be tracked and reported via. a unified platform. Our quick response policy ensures that our partners receive satisfactory answers to any technical questions. Qbic is devoted to providing the best partner services possible. With quick and easy access to QSC, partners will be able to get the up-to-date information.
Remote Control Center (RCC):
To improve customer experience and reduce TTM (Time To Market), we provide API sample to our partners, enables managing, controlling, setting multiple devices anywhere at anytime, including remote firmware update via. web-base system.
Document Support:
Technical documents, FAQ, QSG and more can be found in our environment friendly archive for additional product information.
Qbic Software Support:
Qbic provides the most undiminished development resources to help developers integrate solutions seamlessly and effortlessly.