Qbic Technology was founded by David Chen (CEO of Qbic Technology)


With Qbic's elite group of Industrial & Commercial based IT background engineers, specializing in fields from SFF(Small form factor) Embedded computers, Mobile PC, Server to SMART systems. Our Research and Development team is sophisticated in developing professional ARM/X86 based technologies for various vertical markets and demand. With our in-house R&D, Mechanical, Electronics to Industrial design, we are able to design and develop products from ground-up. With such a level of infrastructure, Qbic offers not only a standard line of products but also customized services with innovative, cutting-edge and award-winning technologies.


Qbic Head Quarters is based in the capital of Taiwan, known as the central hub for high-end technology, and our US branch office located in Silicon Valley, Fremont. Qbic ensures that we always stay at the very top of our game and be the pioneer in our field of expertise.


Our products passes through a series of rigorous testing process and quality assurance procedures at all levels from design to production. All Qbic products meet FCC and CE standards.

“General Member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance” and “General Member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions: a community of embedded and communications developers and solution providers.”

HQ Taiwan
Qbic Technology Co., Ltd.
New Taipei City
Qbic America Inc.
Fremont, CA / Silicon Valley

A Quote by David Chen (CEO)



The idea of improving lives of humankind from a tech perspective has always been my passion.
The human population will inevitably become larger to an extent where intense competition between all kinds and nature will inflict mother earth.


I have the vision to create innovative technology that helps make life easier, efficient and cope with the worlds fast going pace, but most importantly, not at the expense of compromising our earth. Making it smaller, faster, and more energy efficient, whether it be smart technology for the medical, smart building, IoT, transportation or automation industry, and that’s why and what Qbic’s all about.


We are one of the top suppliers for an enterprise situated in India, the world’s second largest populated country, and helped the enterprise become India’s second greenest building. Its a vision put to real-life that continues to inspire and drive us to constantly develop unique and advanced technologies to help humans and earth.